Still have PCs on Windows 7?

If you are a small business without an IT department, you may be wondering what to do with PCs that are still running Windows 7. Windows 7 is going end of life very soon (January 14th, 2020), but there is still time for you to upgrade those PCs before they become unsupported. Being unsupported means that the operating system will no longer receive monthly quality and security updates and thus will be subject to ongoing issues and security threats.

I have a client that had a PC running Windows 7, so I used the instructions provided at the website below to upgrade a client’s PC earlier today.

I strongly suggest that you backup needed documents prior to following these steps. The upgrade did retain all of his documents post upgrade, but it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

The upgrade took a couple of hours. After the upgrade was completed a couple of things needed to be reconfigured (Printer driver, Email account repair).

Other than that, the upgrade was quite easy.

Best of luck with your remaining Windows 7 upgrades!

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