Small Business Support

Enabling Small Businesses
to achieve their goals

Blue Maven IT provides technology support to small businesses.


We understand the difficulty of navigating the abundance of technologies and technology providers that are needed to run and grow a business. Fortune 500 companies have access to the experience of IT Pros to manage all aspects of IT and optimize spend.

Based in Indianapolis, our purpose is to make IT easier for your small business by providing you with an experienced IT Pro to guide and manage technology on your behalf.


You Deserve IT.

Keep You On Track

Selecting the right technologies to meet your business needs and IT spend goals.

Happy Employees

Addressing day-to-day technical issues faced by you and your staff.

Maximize Productivity

Identifying opportunities to streamline workflows to keep your staff productive.

Coordination of Services

We speak “IT”. Advocate with all IT Suppliers on your behalf to deliver outcomes.

Blue Maven IT vs. IT “On Your Own

Consider these 6 reasons why you should call Blue Maven IT rather than manage technology on your own:

We manage your existing suppliers for you.

We make your IT spend more predictable.

We study trends and assist you with making the right technology choices.

We are here for you whenever you need us to help out.

We provide loaner laptops while yours is being fixed.

We purchase hardware and software on your behalf.


What can we do for you?

If you’re still unsure whether you need an IT Professional for your business, get in touch so we can better understand your specific needs and let you know how we can help you. Or, if you have something to offer, we are hiring.