Create a Custom ADMX Policy

If your MDM does not provide a method for running scripts, you may want to create a Custom ADMX Policy to apply registry settings to your Windows 10 devices for situations where there are not CSPs available. There are some limitations to what registry settings you can apply via Custom ADMX Policy. Policies are not […]

Confirming that MDM Policies have been applied

It is really difficult to feel confident about the move from GPO to MDM Policy, when you don’t know how to confirm that a policy has been successfully applied. I can’t tell you how many times over the past two years, people have raised concerns that they can’t see our MDM policies in the Group […]

Creating WlanXML

Assuming that you are using a Custom Policy, there are two steps to creating the XML to place within the <Data></Data> for the WiFi CSP WlanXML node: Export XML from an existing profile Encode the XML so that it can be processed by the OMA-DM client Export XML from an existing profile If you are […]